Josh Benedikt Portrait

Im working on a fully completed character portrait for my best buddy josh who is a web designer. Check him out at

Uggachakka Sticker

Final design for Uggachakka brand/sticker/logo/whatevers. Check em out at

3D Projects

While practicing my 3D modeling and texturing skills in school, i have completed a string of models and projects on the side. practicing my high and low poly modeling as well as my hand painted texturing abilities

3D Character Models

My senior project for graduation at school consisted of the completion of low poly 3d video game characters based on concepts and back story. i modeled in high poly then baked down details onto low poly models to maintain the games functionality within its tri-limits

Skin a Trik Contest

I entered the Sony Skin a Trik Contest in August. The music genre that inspired this piece is dubstep so i decided to depict a party that would play this music.

Concept Designs

Since graduating i have began expanding my digital illustration skills to encompass character and environment concept designs. I took ideas from different video games, movies and comic book storylines and redesign its elements to create character and environment digital paintings.